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KIN is a membership based community linking business practitioners from industry leading organisations, world-class researchers and some of the world's leading experts in knowledge management and innovation. KIN is linked to the IKON group at Warwick Business School and is focussed on the strategic, organisational and behavioural aspects of knowledge management and innovation.

KIN members are world and industry leading organisations including Oracle (Technology), Orange (Telecoms), Schlumberger (Oil & Gas), Mars (Food & Beverage), PwC (Professional Services), Baker & McKenzie (Legal) and many more. We only involve one member from each industry to promote open knowledge sharing and collaboration free from competitors and vendors. We are currently looking to involve organisations from Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Media & Publishing, Engineering, Automotive and Bio-Technology.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing takes place through our Special Interest Groups (SIG's): Communities of Practice, Virtual Teams, Learning from Practice, Social Network Analysis, Knowledge Retention and Gaining Buy-In to KM. each SIG has a Facilitator and an Associate who is a world leading expert in the field e.g. Richard McDermott (CoP's), Rob Cross (SNA).

For more information about upcoming events or to learn more about the benefits of membership visit their website http://www.ki-network.org . Alternatively contact Douglas Archibald  [email protected] or Gary Colet  [email protected] to find out more.

Video: KM is like herding cats

In 2001 the large System Integrator company EDS made a very funny commercial which showed a group of Cowboys Herding cats. (1 mins)

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Knowledge & Innovation Network
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