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  Deschooling Society 
Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich

  Does KM = IT? 
CIO Magazine Article

  KM and British Petroleum 
Article: A Historic Example of the SAIC KM Approach

  Prototype Culture by Michael Schrage 
Article in Marketing Computers magazine

  The Dangers of Media Violence
Article by Karl Wigg

Book Resource
  Books by David Bohm
Details of books by David Bohm


  The Fifth Discipline Field Book
The Fifth Discipline Field Book Project Site

Conference and Exhibition Centre
  Barbican Centre

  Conference & Exhibition Management Services

  ExCel Exhibition & Conference Centre 

  NEC Birmingham, UK

  Singapore Exhibition Centre

  Singapore Expo
Singapore exhibition centre

  The Business Design Centre Islington
Business Design Centre, Islington, London, UK

Conference Organizer
  Academic Conferences International
Academic Conferences International

  ALC Training
ALC Training, Australia

  Ark Group
Business to business media company - activities include publishing, conference & exhibitions

  Ark Group Australia

The American Society for Information Science (ASIS)

Publishers & event organizers

  Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

  Common Ground Publishing

  Delphi Group
Global business advisor focusing on the intersection of business & IT

Conference Organizers

  First Conferences
Conference Organizers

  IBC Conferences
Conference Organizers

  IIR Conferences
Conference Organizers

International Conference Organizer

  Incisive Media



  IPSI Conferences

  Knowledge Brokers

  Learned Information
UK based Publisher & Conference Organizer

Conference Organizers

  Marcus Evans
Marcus Evans Conferences

  O'Reilly Conferences
US Computer Technology Conference Oraganizer

  Osney Media

  SMI Conferences

UK based information & knowledge management organization

  The Conference Board
Helps businesses strengthen their performance & better serve society

  UNICOM Seminars
Conference Organizer (UK)

  Venture Marketing Group
UK conference organizer

  VNU Business Media

Australian based consultancy

  Belly Knowledge Management International

  Business Futures
UK based Futures consultancy

  Collaborative Strategies
Groupware & KM consultancy

  Common Knowledge Associates
Nancy Dixon's website

  Deep Woods Technology

  DIA*logos Inc.
Dialogue Consultancy (US)

  Edge of Avalon
Avalon Consulting & Associates

  Entovation International

  Five Dimensions

  Innovative Thinking Inc
Innovative Thinking Inc

UK Change Management Consultancy

  Intranet Focus
Intranet Consultancy (UK)

  KM Plus

The KnowNet Consortium web site

  Knowledge Associates
Knowledge Management consultancy, Cambridge, England

  Knowledge Transformation International

  New Information Paradigms

  Shayegan Innovation


  The Kaieteur Institute for Knowledge Management

  The Performance Management Group (TPMG)
UK performance management consultancy

  The Wisdom Meme

Universal Networking Intellectual Capital

  Unipart Advanced Learning Systems

  Will Schutz Associates
US based training & consulting firm

Training & consulting services for the enhancement of personal capital & performance

BP Corporate Site

  Hewlett Packard

Provider of Idea Management software & processes


Event Calendar
  Another KM Event Calendar 

  APQC Event Calendar 

  CIO Event Calendar 

  KM Events in Hong Kong and nearby

  KM4DEV Upcoming Knowledge Management Events 

  KMedu Event Calendar 

  KMWorld Event Calendar 

  Knowledge Board Event Calendar 

  Stan Garfield's KM Event Calendar 

  Straights Knowledge Event Calendar 

  The KNOW Network Event Calendar 

  Upcoming KM Group 

  WikiCFP: Calls For Papers on Knowledge Management 

Government Organization
  Office of Knowledge Management and Development

  First Person Global 
Career management portal

  Glen Recruitment 
UK Employment Consultancy specialising in the information sector

  KM Job Board 
US KM jobs

  The One Umbrella 
Knowledge Jobs in Australia

  Top Jobs 
UK job site

  Weekes Gray Recruitment 
UK Recruitment Specialist

KM Education
  Information Science - Centre for Knowledge Dynamics and Decision-making

  International Knowledge Management Institute
US based International KM Institute

  Knowledge Management Research Centre

  The Knowledge Management Centre, Multimedia University, Malaysia

Knowledge Management Resource
  Brint Knowledge Management Portal 
The BizTech Network for Business, Technology & Knowledge Management

  David Skyrme Associates 
David Skyrme Associates

  HBS Working Knowledge 
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge website

  KM Cyberary - A gateway to Knowledge Resources by Bhojaraju (India) 
A gateway to Knowledge Resources by Bhojaraju (India)


  Knowledge Management Tools 

  Knowledge Research Institute 
Karl Wiig's Knowledge Management site

European KM Community Portal

Australian KM site

  Portal KMOL 
Dedicated to Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning

  Sveiby Knowledge Management 
Karl-Erik Sveiby's Knowledge Management website

  BusinessWeek Online
US business magazine online website

CIO Magazine

  E.Learning age
UK e-learning magazine

  Fast Company Magazine
US magazine

Forbes Magazine

  Fortune Website
US business magazine website

  German Knowledge Management Magazine

  Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review Magazine

  Harvard Business Review Archives
HBR Archives

  Inc. Magazine
Magazine for entrepreneurs & small businesses

  Information Week
US computer magazine

  Intellectueel Kapitaal Magazine
Dutch based Intellectual Capital Magazine

  International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development (IJSKD) 
Knowledge Management Journal

  Journal of Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management journal

  KM World Magazine
KM World Magazine

  Knowledge Management News
KM website & e-zine

  Management Skills & Development Magazine

  Managing Information
Information Management Magazine & Newsletter (UK)

  New Scientist
New Scientist Magazine

  The Economist
Economist Magazine

Wired Magazine

  actKM Forum
Australian community dedicated to sharing knowledge about public sector KM

American Productivity & Quality Center

  APQC Knowledge Management Services

  Arab Knowledge and Management Society
Arab Knowledge Management Society

  Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre

  Association for Management Education and Development (AMED)
Association for Management Education & Development (UK)

  Association of Knowledgework (AOK)
A virtual home for knowledge workers & managers

  Austrian Knowledge Management Society

  BITKOM KEM (Knowledge Engineering & Management)

  Boston Knowledge Management Forum

  Brahama Kumaris

Central & East European Management Development Association

  Chartered Management Institute (UK)

Chartered Institute of Personnel Development

  Club of Amsterdam

  Community of Knowledge

The community of practice on communities of practice

  Development Academy of the Philippines: Center for Knowledge Management

  Discovery Institute
Mission is to make a positive vision of the future practical

  Entovation Network

  Esalen Institute
Educational center

  Federal Knowledge Management Working Group

  Foresight Institute

  GBN Global Business Network

  Government Knowledge and Information Management Network (GKIMN)
UK government network

  Gurteen Knowledge Community

  Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society
Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society

  Hong Kong Productivity Council

  i-KM Intelligence Knowledge Management


The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions KM website

  ILTA Knowledge Management Peer Group

  Information & Knowledge Management Society of Singapore
Information & Knowledge Management Society (Singapore)

  Institute for Knowledge and Innovation (iKi-SEA)

  Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore)

  Institute of Personnel & Development
Institute of Personnel & Development (IPD)

  Intellectual Capital Network

  International Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Management

Institute for Systemic Coaching & Training

  Israeli Knowledge Managers Forum

  KCommunity India
Indian KM Community

  Kent State University Knowledge Management Education Forum

  KM Chicago

  KM Club
Yahoo Knowledge Management Club

  KM Cluster
The San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley Knowledge Management (KM) Cluster

The Knowledge Management Professional Society International


  KNOW Network
International knowledge sharing network

  Knowledge Globalization Instiutute

  Knowledge Management Association of Malaysia

  Knowledge Management Association of the Philippines (KMAP)

  Knowledge Management Development Centre

  Knowledge Management Institute Thailand

  Knowledge Management Professional Center Asia (KMPCA)

  Knowledge Management Roundtable - New South Wales

  Knowledge Management Roundtable - Victoria

  Knowledge Management Society Indonesia

  Knowledge Management Society of Japan

  Knowledge Management Society of Korea

  Knowledge & Innovation Network

  Komunitas KM
An Indonesian KM community

  London Information and Knowledge Exchange (LIKE)

  London Knowledge Network
University of Greenwich Business School

  Melbourne Knowledge Management Leadership Forum

  Montreal Knowledge Community

  Mumbai KM Community

  Network for Information and Knowledge Exchange (NetIKX)

  New Zealand Knowledge Management Network

  Norwegian KM Forum

  NSW KM Forum

  PMA - Intellectual Capital Group

  Polish Knowledge Management Practitioners Association

  Positive Deviance Initiative

  Queensland Knowledge Management Forum.

  Scottish Knowledge Management Network

  Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation

Singapore Human Resources Institute

  SIG Knowledge Management
Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management

  Singapore Institute of Management
Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

  SLA Knowledge Management Division

  Sociedade Brasileira de Gestão do Conhecimento
Brazilian Knowledge Management Society

  Society for Knowledge Economics

Singapore Training & Development Association

  SuperCoP KM Belgium

  Swiss Knowledge Management Forum

  Synchroni KM Forum

  The Asian Knowledge Management Association

  The Association for Information Management (ASLIB)

  The Findhorn Foundation
International centre for adult education & personal & spiritual transformation

  The German Knowledge Management Society

  The Gurteen Community Cafe, Adelaide - Australia 

  The Henley Facilitation Forum

  The Institute for Noetic Sciences
The Institute for Noetic Sciences

  The Institute of Knowledge and Information

  The KNOW Network Brasil

  The Knowledge Management Group (KMG)
Philadelphia Chapter

  The Knowledge Management Research Group

  The Knowledge Management Society of Pakistan

  The Liedloff Continuum Network

  The New Club of Paris

  The Open Knowledge Foundation

  The Royal Society of Arts
Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce

  The Scientific and Medical Network

  The Society for Organizational Learning

  The Work Foundation
The Work Foundation (UK)

  The World Future Society

  Toronto Group

  Unit for the study of Innovation, Knowledge and Organisational Networks

  Victorian Public Sector Continuous Improvement Network

Danish Knowledge Management network

  Wissensmanagement Forum

  World Business Academy

  Cognitive Edge Newsletter: Fragments

  Institute for Knowledge and Innovation - South East Asia Newsletter: Scientia

  International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA): KM Newsletter

  MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Personal Website
  Anthony Robbins Website
Tony Robbins' Official Website

  Arthur Schopenhauer

  Brian Tracy International

  Richard Karash

  A Leader's Guide to After-Action Reviews
AAR Manual for US Army

  All KM

  An Introduction to Systems Thinking by Gene Bellinger of OutSights

  Appreciative Inquiry
Site dedicated to "Appreciative Inquiry"

  Centre for Army Lessons Learned
US Army AAR site

  China Knowledge Management Center
Chinese language KM site

  China Knowledge Management Network
Chinese language KM site

  CIA The World Factbook
World country profiles

  Creative Commons 

  Creative State
Interesting Australian website on the role of conversation in business

  Cybernetic Conversation

The Dilbert webite

  Edward deBono's Web
Edward deBono's website

KM resources

  Entropy Gradient Reversals
Christopher Locke web site

Fifty Lessons
The Fifty Lessons digital library holds more than 500 individual lessons from 100 executives

  Gilder Technology

  Green Chameleon

  Group Jazz


Contains links to internet based resources for HR professionals

  ICASIT's KMCentral
A very extensive KM resource website

  IDeA KM library

  Intellectual Capital Services
Dutch KM resource site

  KM Talk

  Knowledge Innovation Zone

  Knowledge Management Quotations
Brint quotes on knowledge management

  Knowledge Management Specialist Library

  Knowledge Mobilization

  Leadership - After Action Reviews
Short article on AARs by Donald Clark

  Mental Model Musings
Systems Thinking

  Motivational Quotes
Website with lots of good motiovational quotations


  Philosophy Pages
Philosophy resource website

  Radical Constructivism

Provider of online community know-how & technology


  The Copyright Web Site
Information on Web Copyright issues

  The Dialogue Group
Management Consultancy specializing in "Dialogue."

  The Human Potential Research Group 
The Human Potential Research Group, Surrey University, UK

  The Oxford Muse
Theodore Zeldin's website

  The Thinking Page
Source of information on improving organizational & individual thinking

  The Work Matters! Webcast
Tom Peters' "The Work Matters!" webcast

  The World of Richard Dawkins

  The World Wide Web Consortium

  Trojan Mice
Understanding complex adaptive systems

  Verna Allee's Website


Training Organization
  Influence at Work

Universities and Business Schools

  Aston Business School - Knowledge Management 
Aston Business School. Birmingham, UK

  Cambridge University
Cambridge University, England

  Cass Business School
Cass Business School, London, UK

  Cranfield University
University & Management College (UK)

  Harvard Business School

  Harvard University
Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts (US)

  Henley Business School
Henley Business School (UK)

  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  Monash University - Graduate Diploma in Information and Knowledge Management

  Open University Business School
Open University Business School

  Oxford University
Oxford University, England

  Stanford University

  University of Greenwich

  University of Greenwich Business School

  Warwick Business School
Warwick Business School (UK)

  Cognitive Edge
Dave Snowden's Cognitive-Edge Organization (formerly the Cynefin Centre)

  King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi: Knowledge Management

  Straits Knowledge

  The W. Edwards Deming Institute
The W. Edwards Deming Institute

  Tom Peters' Website
Tom Peters' main website

  Bali Institute for Global Renewal

  Cafe Scientifique

  Change Management Learning Center

  Clinton Global Initiative

  Department for Knowledge and Communication Management - Danube University Krems

  Dubai Knowledge Village

European Corporate Learning Analyst



Personal & organizational effectiveness consultancy

  Full Circle Associates
Community development & e-facilitation site

  Green Career Tracks

Curriculum Development & Instructional Design Resource

  HCI Bibliography
HCI Bibliography : Human-Computer Interaction Resources

UK Human Resource Portal

  Human Values Network

  Identity Theft Is Rampant: Good Advice On How To Prevent It 
by Robin Good

  Information Today

  Innovation Associates

  International Society for Knowledge Organization

Builds & sells web-based collaborative infrastructures for B2B communities

Information Resources Management Association


  KM Edge

The University of New South Wales Knowledge Management Research Group


  Knowledge Era Enterprises
Charles Savage

  Knowledge Management Consortium International

  Knowledge Management Group of Philadelphia

  Knowledge Media Institute
Open University, England

  Knowledge Street
US based consultancy

  Leading Sustainable Conversations

  Learning Circuits
Online magazine about e-learning

  Lotus Software
Main Lotus Software Site

  Manage Coffee, not Knowledge by Daniel Erasmus 
An article by Daniel Erasmus on the importance of a shared cup of coffee

  Managing Knowledge Means Managing Oneself 
An article by Peter Drucker

Network of organisations that collaborate on the development of their employees

Research & information company with offices in London & Chicago

  MHA Institute


  More on the Cost of Not Knowing and where KM is Going 
by Dave Pollard

  MTI Seminars

  National Knowledge Commission
The National Knowledge Commission is an advisory body to the Prime Minister of India

  Papillon Human Potential 

  Pari Centre for New Learning

  Process Edge

  Selected Websites on Dialogue
Resources on Dialogue

  Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

  Singapore One

  Socrates Cafe

  Stars Knowledge Cafe

  Summary of The World: Googlezon and the Newsmasters EPIC 
by Robin Good

  Taiwan Intellectual Capital Research Center

  The Atlantic Systems Guild
US based software development consulting organization

  The Creativity Web
Creativity resource center

  The DaVinci Institute 

  The Duversity

  The Global Centre of Excellence for Human Capital (GCEHC)
Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia

  The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation

  The Long Boom Web Site

  The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE)

  The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
Improving negotiation & dispute resolution

  The Society for Philosophical Inquiry

  The Stages of Spiritual Growth 
Article by M.Scott Peck

  The Triz Group


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