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Here are a number of free downloads that you may find of interest. For some of the items, you may be asked to fill in a form giving some details about yourself before you can download the file.

2007-04-25 Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture
Jakarta Workshop Slides
2006-11-28 Measuring the Value of KM      
2005-05-28 Free copies of the Global Knowledge Review - May, June & July 2005
The Journal for Learning, Creativity, Innovation, KM & Personal Development
2005-03-13 Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration
A paper on Knowledge Cafes by Dan Remenyi
2004-12-14 Learning to Fly Conference Materials, December 2004
The 6th Gurteen Knowledge Conference
2004-10-07 Exploiting Social Networking in Organizations Materials September 2004
The 5th Gurteen Knowledge Conference
2004-09-01 Free copy of the Global Knowledge Review - September 2004
The Journal for Learning, Creativity, Innovation, KM & Personal Development
2004-08-20 Verna Allee Articles & Video
Two articles on Value Networks from Verna Allee
2003-10-03 Understanding Corporate Value
Understanding Corporate Value: Managing & reporting intellectual capital
2003-07-05 Better Understanding Knowledge for Personal and Business Success
An article by Steve Hales on "Better Understanding Knowledge for Personal & Business Success"
2003-07-05 Does Conversation Work?
An article on conversation by Ray Shaw
2003-06-24 Dave Snowden Materials
Various presentations & whitepapers from Dave Snowden
2003-05-17 Rewarding and Punishing Knowledge Sharing
A presentation I gave at The Deming Forum "Exploring Transformation", 14th May 2003, Doncaster
2003-02-28 Questionnaire on Action Learning Practice
Questionnaire on Action Learning Practice from Revans Institute For Action Learning & Research University Of Salford
2003-01-23 Knowledge Management in Rolls-Royce
KM in Rolls-Royce presentation
2002-12-02 Collaborative Work Presentation
A presenation I gave at Online Information 2002 Conference & Exhibition, London
2002-07-25 K-Logs Presentation
Introduction to K-Logs
2002-05-10 RSS Demo Code
Lotus Notes database containing RSS demo code

If you are interested in Knowledge Management, the Knowledge Café or the role of conversation in organizational life then you my be interested in this online book I am writing on Conversational Leadership
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